NTL being weird again!

I just phoned customer services to make my bill cheaper as it was over £100 per month.

i had a 1mb net connection and a family package TV and the phone.

by upgrading the TV so i have 2 set top boxes so i have the service in two rooms.

also upgrading to 2mb net connection and changing the phone tarrif.

my bill is now at £60.
well im not complaining. the guy who done it for us is noting donw my number for a chat later and i may ask him to crunch seti for me :p.
i had an hour long chat about CS:S with him and ive convinced him to buy it and he is going to catch me online at somepoint.

What just happend LOL.

I love NTL :stuck_out_tongue:

£100 per month


I dont really see all the fuss with NTL the service is good imo… its always on no caps and well when I phone customer service I get through :confused:

£100 :eek:
My whole pack through seperate companies only comes to £88
Thats 2meg unlimited adsl, phone inc line and free national call and sky with 2 settop box’s not pluged into phoneline so paying an ectra £11…so i could be getting the whole lot for £77…what happened to this ntl offer of all in one for $30 :confused:

Thats exactly what i thought gaz.
turns out i did not get the package i asked for.

but from going from 1mb to 2mb and changing to a cheaper tarrif on the phone and upgrading the tv it has made it £40 cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

errm, my base pack telly and phone line rental are £22 I think and my 10Mb is £35 and I spend about £4 on home calls as 0870 is not covered under the minutes on my mobile phone contract that costs me a fiver each month.

Couple that with free Amazon dvd rental, then a Screenselect voucher for three months they gave me when I left last time …

Pretty sorted I think :slight_smile:


just double checked, £21.50 for line rental and digital telly base pack, £34.99 for inet and on average £5-£6 a month on calls

My bills have gone like this.

first bill £80 <<inet TV and phone + instalation charges.

second bill £91 << eh…

third bill £136<<< WTF.

Soon to be fourth bill £88 <<becuase of new package installation…

future fith bill should be around £60…

bills like that look to me that they think you are not paying and the balance is being carried over …


nah the balance has been payed all up to date it just seems to fluxuate all the time we were told when we joined up we would get the tv free for a month first month got charged for it so we got told the second month we would get it free once again we got charged for it same with each month. God knows whats going on we have been told again we would get a months free will see what happens when the bill comes in next month

BH you lot are too afluent. I pay £14.99 2MB adsl, £9.56 BT telephone with free offpeak national calls, £0.00 skype and £0.00 Digital Freeview TV = £25.55/month.

BTW existing BT customers can phone them up and get 1/2 price line rental for the next 6 months :wink: Saving 5.75/month

can’t get freeview, or the NTL digital telly would be straight gone. Or shall I put it better, the old aerial was falling down, so to prevent it take the roof with it we had the aerial taken off and the chimney re-pointed. Only to find out when the bloke was up there with his doobie whatsit we need a high power aerial that he was not sure the structure could take it :lol:

After a £450 quote to have a new aerial fitted, that would have at the time taken two years to pay for itself in saving vs NTL, I didn’t think we would still be here.

Been looking at the free deal from Sky … http://www.freesatfromsky.co.uk/?pID=6


Stick the pole through the roof and anchor it to your farm. That’ll hold her :smiley:

Ditto, I pay £53 per month for 10meg unlimited, digital cable TV (everything but movies and sport), phone inc line rental and international calling package.