Get home today to find a letter from NTl’s payment department

I’ve been with Pipex now Year and a bit NTL cancels early 2005

Anyway they go on about Direct Debts not being forfilled blah blah

Idiots :rolleyes:

I rings em up…

Here there nonsense… blah blah blah

Then tell them, I ended it… and in-fact they kept taking money 2 months after I ended it.

I tell them… ‘And your system should show that you credited myself for those

… Let me have a look
…Yes it shows… blah blah blah
… I’ve amended it this offsets that blah blah balance outstanding = zero
…nothing else sir that the end of it.

**Hello anyone home why could they not see that in 1st place ???

ive worked out this ntl and that is that the 2 quid admin charge for not paying birect debit is worth it :slight_smile:

hehe, I had an ISP in San Diego that came after me for a “outstanding balance” about a year after I disconnected. Put it in collection and threatened to take me to court to get it. It was a direct debit thing, when I dropped the service I told the bank to deny any claims from them after 30 days.

Simple reply to them was, "Show me the history of your attempts to collect this money, like previous written bills sent to my residence, and phone attempts, etc. :lol: They had none of course, balance set to $0. :wink:

I am with NTL and they do have a bad habbit it messing up my bill.
i did inquire about bulldog and aol.
but i did not purchase either.
both of the isp’s were threatening me to pay.
both with not much succsess.

Haha, i had a problem like that with BT for my broadband. i asked to be upgraded to 8mb, had a load of hassles, complained online, heard nothing, phoned them up and got the price of my router refunded for the hassle and also a price drop of £5 a month for 6 mths. Got a phone call yesterday about my online complaint, they also refunded me £30 for the router and gave me a further 2 months braodband for free!!!


They’re all at it Kef :rolleyes:

The ISPs are so worried about losing custom to a competitor that they are willing to give the services for next to nothing :eek:

… meaning there is even less money in the pot to improve services, never mind keep things running :shrug: