Numbers drop


since moving to VB4 we’ve not had “additional” anti bot registration apart from default, we’ve had thousands of registrants.

3000 of them have just gone out the database as I do a little bit of tidying up.

I really should get time to put in the custom mod we had before :lol:



Good that the new stuff works though. Shame we couldn’t get those 000’s crunching for us :smiley:


Well done DT. Indeed bot registrations are becoming a pain in the admin harris.

At MGs on Track we run an old version of vB3 with just a simple captcha and have had over 12500 since the beginning of Dec with 85 of them genuine users.
Moving over to ZenForo soon when the new website is finished but few expectations that it will make the spam registratation any better.


the picture thing we had on here before the upgrade to vb4 was working a treat, and now is on the vb3 install over on Aria forums. There’s a program called xrumer that automates the bot stuff and is becoming more and more available :frowning: I’ll put in the picture stuff on vb4 at some point, the akismet anti-spam does a good job of sending spam to the post moderation queue :slight_smile: