Nut caps

Ok need a TFwitt type suggestion here… at the mo I’m considering dynamite but with my bad luck i’d just blow my arm off and the nut caps will stay firmly in place.

To cut a long story short after injuring myself twice, I’m now at the very angry and cross stage :furious:

Basically My ickle classic mini has what is best described as alloy cap covers
that go over the actual nut and they have to be removed so you can apply
the wheel brace.

Prob is they don’t wan’t to come off :whiteflag:

Now on other car’s its just a flick of the cap base with a screw driver
but these just are not budging even though they do have a minor degree
of looseness.

Clamping them to pull at yields nowt.

I’ve cut me thumb & nearly took my out with a piece of high speed flying metal.

Help :frowning:

//edit… just to mention I have done it before with the front passenger wheel
but failing with all the rest.

i would suggest heating them slightly to make them expand then remove…

Being a rover design I suspect you need to use the special tool to remove them.

Trouble is the special tool wears out and doesnt grip the cover properly as I found out on my rover 420.
The approach became “lets find a socket that fits, undo the nut and B)((*&^s to the cover”. The two components are much easier to separate in a bench vice.

If the cap covers are completely stopping access with a socket I prescribe a small drill bit, a big self tapping screw and a claw hammer to coax the cap cover off for good.

A photo to see what we are up against might give me a bit more inspiration!

Hammer and chisel?

hmmm I’ll give the heat thing a try TBH I should of thought of that
but if that dont work I think you may have given me a viable option there
TFWitt :slight_smile: got to replace them with new anyway to fit the newwheels
so no issue drilling the ends as an option to remove.

thx all :thumbsup:

Had an MG Metro Turbo a few yers ago with the same problem (and I suspect the same design). Sort of a pressed stainless steel cap. I got a a true hex socket (ie not the usual muti point star) that fitted over the caps. The nuts can be removed with this and put back this any number of times with minimal scarring of the decour.

Volvo 340 and 360 have a plastic type cap over the nuts and with those you just beat on a larger socket until they crumble, turn once with a long bar until they are destroyed and then put a correct socket on the actual nut. Brutal, but the caps don’t serve a purpose except cosmetic coverage so get rid.

Yep, unless its hiding a locking nut I seem to remember.
Then it comes off as a twisted mess leaving the locking nut accessible

Take a 9" grinder to 'em :wink:

If they’re recessed like I think, you’ve got your work cut out getting a pi$$y little dremmel to them.

recessed they are :chuckle:

Round 4 … The Dremmel wins :chuckle:

Heat did nowt
drilling and screwing the ends and attempt at forcefull pull failed.

But my dremmel and a screwdriver is getting the job done :slight_smile:
using a cutting disc to take a side edge cut then the screwdriver to
break between the cap and the bolt and with and allmight whack of the
hammer snap the whole cap.

weeeeeeeeeee happy :slight_smile:

I can certainly see why they did not want to come off.

Brute force, it works for me every time :smiley: