nVIDIA nForce Raid5 woes

I have setup one large raid 5 array using 4x 320GB Seagate 7200.10 SATA drives on an Asus A8N-VM CSM. It ‘works’ fine, read speeds 80MB/s+ BUT, write speeds are ~4.5MB/s!
I have updated the bios (including updated raid bios), got the latest drivers, and tried rebuilding the array… it’s still the same.
I know software raid is generally slower than hardware, but this is a joke. Anyone have any ideas to try and speed it up? :rolleyes:

Doubt it is this, but on the off chance… make sure NCQ is turned off on all drives.

I don’t seem to have the option available to check/adjust NCQ. Scoured the bios to no avail, and the nVIDIA monitoring software is pretty useless in that regard :(.

How are you testing writes? If they are large the impact shouldn’t be much…

If all else fails, guess it’ll be raid 10.

Not a great system, but i’m FTPing large files over. Transferring files locally is also eye tearingly slow. I thought at first it was an FTP problem, but I dumped a large file on one of the other drives and got 11MB/s.
Raid 5 array seems to be taking 0-2% cpu when writing, so nothing really…

rusty memory… but should be in device manager
under the drive controller be it displayed as either a ide
or scsi… NV stuff I’m sure still displays under ide ata/atapi controllers

Select one of the controllers and then select properties

I could be wrong but sure that’s where it resides.

Command Queueing is greyed out, so that’s obviously disabled. I don’t understand why though :confused:.

I can suggest an alternative set of drivers…


                           MEI's nWare Release 06.05

About MEI's nWare

Mei's nWare is a package of drivers for the NVIDIA nForce series chipsets.
The package should works from the first nForce 420-D to the latest
GeForce6150/nForce 430.

It was tested on :
- NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb (MSI K8N Neo Platinum)
- NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra (MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum)
- NVIDIA GeForce 6150/nForce 430 (ASUS A8N-VM CSM)

Anyway, feedbacks will be very appreciated.


The package is made for Windows 2000/XP 32-bit OS and is International.
It contains the following drivers :

Installer version 5.01

GART driver version 4.40
Memory controller driver version 4.40
SMBus driver version 4.52 (WHQL) with PCI-Express Root 4.45 (WHQL)

IDE SATA_IDE driver version 6.54
IDE Legacy PATARAID driver version 6.54
IDE SATARAID driver version 6.54
RAIDTOOL application version 6.54

Ethernet Pre-NRM driver version 4.71 for WinXP / 4.16 for Win2K
Ethernet NRM driver version 53.08
Network management tools version 53.09

Audio driver version 4.64
Audio utility version 4.51

Display driver (ForceWare) version 84.43


History :

* 06.05 *
- Updated : SMBus driver from 4.51 to 4.52.
- Updated : IDE_SATA/Legacy PATARAID/SATARAID driver & RAIDTOOL application from 6.22 to 6.54.
- Updated : Network management tools from 53.08 to 53.09.
- Updated : Display driver from 84.25 to 84.43.
- Updated : Setup made with NSIS v2.16.
- Improved : Setup Script now support localization.
- Added : French language to Setup Script.
- Added : Setup profiles for the various chipsets (preliminary).

* 06.04 *
- Updated : SMBus driver from 4.50 to 4.51.
- Reverted : IDE_SATA/SATARAID driver & RAIDTOOL application from 7.11 to 6.22.
- Readded : Legacy PATARAID driver 6.22.
- Updated : Display driver from 82.12 to 84.25.
- Updated : Setup made with NSIS v2.15.

* 06.03 *
- Updated : Installer from 4.93 to 5.01.
- Added : PCI-Express Root 4.45 in SMBus driver.
- Updated : IDE_SATA/SATARAID driver & RAIDTOOL application from 6.22 to 7.11.
- Removed : Legacy PATARAID driver.
- Updated : Ethernet NRM driver & Network management tools from 5.09 to 53.08.
- Updated : Display driver from 81.87 to 82.12.
- Updated : Setup made with NSIS v2.14.

* 05.11a *
- Updated : Setup made with NSIS v2.10.
- Added : This ReadMe in Setup Script.

* 05.11 *
- First Release.


Drivers / Tools : Copyright (R) NVIDIA Corporation.
ReadMe / Setup Script : Copyright (R) 2005-2006 MEI.