Oculus Rift

You’ve probably seen it all over the internet already, but you can pre-order one now if you don’t mind the £500+p&p they’re asking for it. Any takers here?

To me I don’t want one bad enough to commit at this stage, at this price. If it were say £300 I might have said, what the hell and got one to play with regardless. Almost makes me regret not getting a DK2 to play with when they were still around.

I’ll let the early adopters work out the inevitable bugs and see where we are in 6 months, when I believe other products will join it.

I do not play many games, I am not an estate agent and I do not think there is enough content to walk around in a place I have not been before so even at £100 I don’t think I would take the plunge.

Just let the early adopters buy it, sort out the bugs and complain and after that, the price will be low enough for me to consider it, but I probably still won’t :slight_smile: Looks good though from the guys who have tested it already.

Even though I said I was going to definitely get one, once I found out it was going to cost more than two graphics cards @ $599.00 I decided I didn’t need one THAT badly. If the price comes down maybe I’ll reconsider but until then…

Heck, the wife complains enough about me wearing headphones and staring at a monitor while gaming.

If I suddenly start wandering the house with a strange box on my head she’ll have me committed :smiley:

I also like to turn my head occasionally and glance out of the window, or grab a quick ciggy or slurp of brandy - I really don’t fancy the idea of a ‘closed’ environment view, so no, I doubt very much there will be any interest in it from me . . . even if the price drops to £20

You have to look at it from a practicality point of view. VR goggles are only going to work correctly on games that have a first-person view mode. If all you do is play FPS games, then it might be something to consider, but if you also play RTS games, then those expensive goggles are parked on your table for part of the time.

Even for FPS the controller problem is still there. You’re going to have to feel your controls.

Here’s an idea as an alternative to full goggles immersion. An interesting and reasonably-priced eye tracker to allow you to look around the ship and exterior.

Tobii Eyex

Ooh, hadn’t come across that one before. I had considered TrackIR but it seemed a bit expensive for something I’m not sure about either. The Eyex is a bit lower cost. I’m not awake enough yet but it doesn’t you to wear anything? If so, that’s much better already and its lower cost. Will have to dig deeper into it.

I bought TrackIR for when I was flying Boeing 737-800’s for Delta Virtual Airlines and using MS Flight Simulator with the PMDG 738 aircraft. Closest thing to an actual full simulator you’ll get for your home. The TrackIR took some getting used to. You turn your head a LITTLE to get a major turn of the view in the cockpit on the monitor screen. Little movements of your head get amplified so someone with a muscle tic would have difficulty.

If I understand correctly:

TrackIR and similar tracks your head movement, and amplifies it, shifting your field of view like you’re looking around.
Tobii Eyex tracks where your eyes are looking at, and shifts the field of view to centre on that. I’ve seen some videos of that in action, and I have to wonder about the speed of it. It seems more like a cinematic slow pan, so might not be so good for high speed action. Suppose it can’t be too fast either otherwise the display would be all over the place.

They reckon its OK for first person shooters, so it should be pretty responsive and the video of it being used in Elite: Dangerous doesn’t seem to show any lag

E: D with Tobii EyeX