Officially.. Old

Did a job last weekend. Involved cutting tiles, putting them up, grouting, filling a large gap, filler, wood door surround… undercoat, gloss white for wood, matt magnolia painting to match. Re silicon the bath, renewing the light bulbs in the fitting and hiding another one in there too because
one eco bulb just doesn’t cut it in a bathroom.

The bit that makes me old… i had all the stuff to do it in the shed :Oh-hum: :wolram:

:haha: the secret to eternal youth - don’t have a shed and refuse to do DIY, simple really isn’t it. Now get rid of all those tools and get another rack of mobo’s crunching instead. :smiley:



gotta agree with shanks, avoid DIY at all costs :wink:

it keeps you happy, your body in one piece, and your brain … err … erm … oh yeah, quick and alert :smiley:

The wife is always saying DIY … it means Done It Yet ?? :lol:

and another thing, the shed is not for tools/equipment/etc (unless they’re well hidden :wink: ) - it’s for old ladders with missing rungs, half a set of alloys, boxes of junk that you’ll never find a use for, half empty (or half full) paint tins with a skin 3" thick, a sledge, an offside front wing for the Escort you sold 6 years ago, and the fluorescant light you were going to fit in the kitchen when you first bought the house. :cool:

we have 3 sheds… does that mean im really really really old?

having 3 sheds is a sign of a professional “non DIY” man :nod:

you can spend ages wandering from shed to shed, banging, clanking, and swearing … then give the wife the bad news … " I know I’ve got the gear somewhere, but dashed if I can find it sweetheart. I’ll have another look next weekend " :wink: :thumbsup:

Indeed, the problem really comes if you find you have full containers labled 1/2" screws 3/4" screws… thats the end, next thing you know you’ll be wee’n a bit each time you cough.

I’d like to confirm that i don’t have any labled containers :woot:

Peige the fact you know about and posted about labled containers means you are on the slippery slope, there is no hope :wink: :slight_smile:


as Curly says, you are on that dangerous spiral into the nether world known as organised

even just thinking labels can lead you to spend many hours pottering in the shed, instead of enjoying a cool beer while watching the loose fence panel blowing in the wind :smiley:

I suggest you get in touch with one of our specialists before you get the urge to clear the guttering :eek:

waits for Mr B. :nod:

Oh no… not “ORGANISED!!”.
With all of this DIY comming on i think id better get started…“again”.

I’m never going to be organised, nope… not me, i’ve tried a few times, but it never lasts longer than the next thing i have to do in a hurrey.
Nearest i can get is a big tub with “tools” in it which i have to sort right through everytime i need something as its always at the bottom.

I blame B&Q tbh, you can’t just buy one of something, they always come in packs of four

Ohh god, now i’m ranting about big chain stores, next i’m be moaning about the closure of hardware shops :wolram:

Do you have a walking aid ?

its all downhill now Peige… :lol:

My idea of DIY is to mix the wallpaper paste, come back 6 months later and say ‘must get round to hanging the paper one day’ :wink:

looks for his bag labelled ‘6 inch screws’ and wonders why its full of ‘mates’ :wink:

OMG you lot have just described my dad he has about 3 sheds and they are all full of tools and stuff that goes with the toole all his little containers have labels on them and he potters about in they sheds organising it all the time he even drew on the walls around each indiviual tool so he knows where the tools go he is a D.I.Y freek he has been doing the back garden now for about 4 years now and it looks like there still is nothing done coz he starts stuff and never finishes it mind you he did build a big garage not that a car has ever been in it its to store more tools the neighbour was getting a new kitchen and OMG he has a fitted kitchen in this garage god knows why but he does. He built a driveway in the frount garden with a lovley wall at either side of it and now he has to rip it down so that his partner can get her car into the drive now come on you can get a bus in that driveway never mind a small fiesta and he is also to put rubber at the gates just incase she hits it on the way in its all a OMG OMG OMG moment with this driveway.

I almost had a heart attack reading that, i’m getting on you know :wolram: you have to let me breath with at least the odd comma, i remember back in the day when i could have read that twice without coming up for air :Oh-hum:

The only thing i will admit to is having to buy a new tool everytime i do a job, its sort of an incentive to do it, he who dies with the most toys wins !

one thing i know about helen peige is that she doesnt let you come up for air.:devil:

When tools become as important as beer on the life scale then you are getting on in years, when tools are more important than beer you have officially arrived. :wolram:

surely thats just to much info for us old people :scared:

Ok, to confirm… beer > tools

I feel better :wiggle:

one thing i know about helen peige is that she doesnt let you come up for air.

Thats a standard, boom boom tish moment isn’t it :cool: