oGame message issue

laptop res = 1440x900

Problem, I can’t view the messages correctly, the overlay ‘top’ is too far down and hence I can’t see the entire overlay and use things like the reply button or the attack button for esp reports.

Lucky enough to have a dual screen setup, but it’s now getting very annoying. That and whenever I try to post on the forum to report the issue I get a permission not allowed type error.

Starting to get a bit miffed to the point of considering binning the account, it’s that sodding annoying that once again there’s an issue and no way to report it :help:


Are you using Firefox? Have you tried “ctrl -” to zoom out?

IE8, fully patched, Firefox fully patched works fine.

View is set to 100%, point is that I shouldn’t need to alter any settings. But, that’s always been the gameforge way I suppose.


Displays here fine in 1440x900 in Firefox and Opera. :shrug:

regardless of browser preference, it should work - which it clearly doesn’t in IE.

It’s not hard, it’s a single DIV tag in a css :sigh:


I was trying to read messages the other day. Ogame said I had 4 in my inbox, today I have zero. I was unable to retrieve them yesterday.:frowning:

Will you lot stop talking about flaming Ogame please.
The very moment I quit you all want to come back.

…sniffs pits…

Ahhh, that might be it

… checks dates on preceding posts and calms down