Ogame - Universe 2

Who still plays Ogame in universe 2.

I see I have been a newcomer in the alliance for the past 3 weeks.
Trough the hwlp of my husband Grendal I am also trying to recruit new players in this old universe.

Hopefully we hear from them.
Irken and BuKuKungFu

Any current members of TPR please post so I know ther are still existing members in Univ 2

hi! you know i am!

What is the minimum points requirements to get out of the rank: newcomer.

As of right now, I can not view other members or send circulars. The only member I know in this alliance is Irken so far.

:whip: Okay seems I have to crack the whip at home and keep Grendal off the computer and out of ogame. what do I need to do to become an official member in Univ 2 and Draco.:smackbum:

My Draco account I put into a different alliance and it is now in vac mode. I do not have time to play in two diiferent universes. If youmany is interested in the account they can message me.