OGAME : War ?

05-22 20:49:38 Alliance [TPR] Circular Message to Your Alliance [TPR]
GeneralHietala informs you:
im telling you something is going on!

every member of pride in galaxy 1 has bin on my 3 planets! every one has bin there whid there Espionage Probes!

if any one else is having this problem i think we should go att war whid them!

Erm, might be a bit one sided but you have to admire his enthusiasm.

with the level of activity in PaX these days, i can probably offer you a maximum of 13 RIPs, 2000BS, 1000 bombers and 1000 BC’s.

Im probably the only active with anything like a fleet

No offence here but I dont think Pride would worry about declaring on TPR , it isnt the force it once was.

I would however lend my limited support as always.

Walter: Well, if you are the only one left, stick your application in and I’ll consider it :stuck_out_tongue:

Judge : no offence taken

Hey! There’s more than just ol’ Walt left you know!!