I played Ogame a long time ago. Around 4 or 5 years ago. I was in a very good alliance by the name of Pax Bellator that was run by a kind guy named Jim. We used to call him Jimbo. I was wondering if anyone on here remembered me, him, the alliance or anything. If you do I would love to talk about it for a bit. :D:D



Hi Woody. Nice to hear from you m8! Of course I remember Jimbo and it was sad to hear of his passing away. We had some good fun taking on the other teams in Ogame and joining Jimbo and the PB team in the mini wars, but sadly the game became a bit lame and we all moved on.

You’ll currently find a bunch of us playing Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance as a new diversion from RL and it would be nice to have you on board with us.

Just in case you missed it you’ll find comments and tributes from other TPR members HERE. We was well-liked and missed by many of us who knew him.


Yeah, Jimbo was a right character :slight_smile:

Great bloke, one of those that leaves good memories of the fun we all had together :nod:


yup, i remember him, he took over my ogame account when i left, i remember pax as an alliance too as at the same time we were playing ogame i bought a car with the registration pax :chuckle:


What server do you play on?


world 43 Europe . . . South sector


It’s full. :furious::furious:


Hi Woody! PaX Bellator is still alive and kicking and would be happy to have you back!