Oh Buggeration.....

Exchange store ‘First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (RWMSVR03)’: The current physical size of this database (the .edb file and the .stm file) is 53 GB. This database has exceeded the size limit of 50 GB. However, the logical free space in this database has not yet been evaluated. Therefore, it is possible that this database contains enough free space to bring its logical size below the maximum size limit.

If the logical database size exceeds the maximum size limit, it will be dismounted on a regular basis.

Does that mean data loss or can you archive it elsewhere?

i can archive it , just means the email server goes offline every time the file size is checked , i can adjust the file size to 75GB (in exchange 2003 sp2) but its beginning to slow the mail server down as it is

looks like i need an archiving program , any ideas people ?

The configurable size limits for Exchange are stored in the registry under:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS&lt;server_name> \Private-<GUID>

where <server_name> is the name of the Exchange server, and <GUID> (which will vary between installations) is the same as the objectGUID attribute on the database’s Active Directory object entry.

The settings used are listed below. Note that if they are not present in the registry, they will need to be created.

Database Size Limit in GB (REG_DWORD): The default is 18 (even if no entry is present), but this can be set from 1-75 (decimal) in Standard Edition and from 1-8000 (decimal) in Enterprise

Possibly this company might help?
peripheral storage.com

looking at this currently


not sure how good it is

We’re looking at that too, but for around 20000 mailboxes and running it on Netapp storage devices!

Just use offline defrag to recover the space. I defragged a database from 135GB down to 80GB not so long ago.

not enough free space to do it