Oh Jeez! :(

So I have been shopping for a new car… but all I have found is too expensive, I have decided to fix up the car I have now. I sent it in the other day and it came back with 1780$ worth of repairs, still cheaper than a new car but expensive to spend of such a beater…

Turns out the transmission needs to be rebuilt and I’m getting my heating fixed for the winter… I hope that this will be worthwhile and not end up crapping out on me in a week after I get it back.

All well such is life :wink:

Yeah, a mate of mine was going on about needing new tyres, mine were a bit on the low tread side on the front, so thought i would get them checked out, 30mins and £260 lighter i drove out of the garage, front 2 were nearly bald and back 2 were ok for tread, but the rubber had started to perish and crack in the tread!

Boohoo, there goes half the money for a nice telly in my movie room!

Oh I forgot to mention I just put 4 new tires on the darn thing last month… it desperatly needed them mind you.

My girlfriends car was similar, but we only changed the two front tires for now.

After tax this is going to be over 2g’s

Lucky me :stuck_out_tongue: