Oh well, he's back!

In light of so far not finding any other Dist projects that will run niceley and politeley on my network, Butuz is back to Seti Classic. Back to what i know best.

Got SETI Q running on a server, and got a few clients so far connected. Extra 30 woots a day for TPR anyhow, and it looks like we need all the woots we can get at the mo!

Be rampin that up somewhat once i get round to creating an MSI of the client with proxy settings.

Heres to whats ever out there! raises glass


Hello Mr B :slight_smile:

I keep thinking of doing a few more classic units alongside Lifemapper

I checked the stats page yesterday and I’m still in Div 6, despite a year off :confused: thought I’d be well down by now :smiley:

Back to doing a bit of seti classic as only 200 units away from 20k :banana:

Nice going m8.

Welcome to the classic gang.

I am an 11woots a day man ATM.