Crank the speakers up before you play this one

Williams F1 engine on a dyno, Ohhhhhhh, think I need a cold shower now


I think I need one too :slight_smile:

go check the renault espace with F1 engine! mental!

Why doesn’t my car do 18000 rpm? :smiley: I’ve tried… on hire cars. Most give up around 6000 :wink:

6000 ?
Redline in third, back to second should get a hire car up to 8/9000 RPM albeit briefly.

No Avis, I have no idea why my Toyota Corolla dropped a valve… :wink:

hmmmm, just spent nearly an hour watching the assorted ones from playlist


That at high volume is nice as well, I bet the neighbours are wondering what the :censored: is going on !!!


Wow what a sound, think i just blew my spuds :smiley:

amazing how quick the exhaust get red-white hot :eek:

Has Audi’s latest diesel triumph taught you nothing? Or JCB’s attampt on the record?

Diesel is where it’s at man. Biodiesel can and is made which is carbon negative (releases less carbon oxides than it took out) but T B Liar’s Green Friendly government tax it to equal regular diesel … go figure.

Petrol engines are, I fear, reaching the end of their lifespan. I too thrill at the sound of a well-tuned V8 or V12 but with current western government policies saying that carbon negative fuel grown from rapeseed should cost as much as fossil diesel I fear that we will pay tax right up until the point where there is no fuel - or society - left

The problem I still have with Diesels is the lack of driveability for a petrolhead such as myself.

Had a go in a Golf 150Bhp Tdi thing and was less than impressed with its ability to rev. Cant remember the exact figures but from memory it started to pull properly from 2000 and ran out of puff at 4000 and announced its rev limit by launching you at the dashboard.

If the fun of gearchanging has gone it might as well be an automatic.

And this is why Honda invented the V-Tec engine.

Hmmm Spuds

I Remember that.
Didn’t we overclock it ?


Overfilled it, maybe.
I did set my self slightly on fire at one point and I think Preecey went deaf in one ear.

I remember that deafening crack of thunder of first ignition in the garage :roll_eyes: :laughing: ermmmm yes it was that car with a dodgy exhaust that went past lol

Some good stuff on his YouTube channel :slight_smile: not seen that one though I know know where I went wrong lol.

Seems a bit short on Recoil as well, a sort of spud-gun Lite

See what I did there lite - light - see the fire ?
I’ll get me coat, the one with the Nunchuks in the inside pocket, Ta