Oi Guvnah, whats the crack then?

Can I edit old posts ?
I found a typo that has annoyed me today.

Back when this were all fields I pasted a few lines of perl up and today I tried to use it and it didnt bloody work, I of course blamed the fact I had tweaked it and wasted an hour over coffee mucking about.

The root cause ?
A hyphen that isnt a hyphen but is a different type of hyphen because the hyphen that I used to hyphenate things wasnt hypheny enough !
Clear ?

In short
This –
is not this -
Obvious now isn’t it, but I’ve spent some of today in Father Jack mode (minus the paralytic inebriated phase but the day is young)

I’ll blame PHbb and its migration but can I edit old posts ?
If you blame GDPR I’ll get shouty

it was all due to GDPR …


Goes outside and shouts for wife of Mr Hunts, Yuka is her first name.

ASCII 39 being correct, ASCII 96 being the one that autocomplete likes to throw in for you, thus breaking code.

Somebody somewhere, pasted the code into Word :smiley: