Oi, Oi and tripple Oi....

What happened to the manners around here?

3rd place in F@H has been mine for a year or so and Mr Mouldy Chin flies past without so much as a P@RP?

Tut, tut, what is the world coming to:nono:

Seriously though, congratts on that man:thumbsup:

I’ll be back…

Didn’t think I needed to since you’d already given the parp yourself. :wink:

In all honesty though m8, I hadn’t actually noticed - looks like it happened last week sometime while I was being stressed out with work carp :frowning:

So, consider this a belated parp :stuck_out_tongue:

top folding Mulda :thumbsup:


Nice work sir! :cheers:

Well done, Mulda :thumbsup:

Nice one Mulda :stomp:

You’d better be back soon, Jugster :wink: You may find yourself one more place down :chuckle: :stomp:

Couple of days notice to Alta :smiley:


Pah, idle threats mean nothing to me;) You’re only half way there anyway:p