Ok....ready to rock and roll!


I did say some time ago that I would be able to start some distributed computing as soon as I got some stuff done.

Well, after a format of my hard drive, renewal of my wedding vows, and sorting the kids out for the end of the term, I am finally ready to join a team adn get some crunching going…

…so I guess it’s over to you…get pimpin’ :smiley:

Well im doing simap… and where pushing well making good inroads… and getting up the ranks… more help is very very welcome and its a good little project to get you going…

but on the other hand folding has a race going on and maybe youd want to do that… imo projects that help with health and the search for cures for disesases and why they happen in the first place is the best type of project not this lets go look for ET stuff :wink:

but its all down to you… if theres something you feel strongly about then go for it… or if you want a little challenge :wink: come catch me gaz and the rest of the top crunchers on Simap :wink:

Anything that can help find cures and the such (as far as I’m concerned) is of more importance to me…

…how can I help?

ok so first of all hit this link : Here

thats the simap website… :slight_smile:

youll need to download the application called BOINC this runs simap… can get it : Here

once installed and runing with the options you want… you then need the url for the project… and again http://boinc.bio.wzw.tum.de/boincsimap ( just copy and paste that in… )

Youll need to make a new account so do that and use a email ady that you use ( they wont spam you )

and youll be emailed with details you can then sign into your account! using : This Link

once logged in set ur prefrences up… will do a guide a little later…

make sure u look for tpr and join the team… Click here and you should be able to just click join and ull be crunching for the best :slight_smile:

well it all seems to be running now!

I have joined, under the u/n of Mike, and I have the icon in my systray doing stuff!

One question…does it affect my BB connection at all?

your pc downloads work units and uploads them… it wont affect it much speed wise… only when it updates… something u can change in the prefrences :wink:

if u have a cap on your broadband then it could become a problem…

no cap…I download at about 600kb/s at the moment…so I think I’ll be ok :smiley:

If you have an IM, then I could do with chatting you to get an idea as to my ideal setup in the config…then I assume I just leave it alone to do its thing?