Old before her time.

Holly is becomming old before her time,
Some of the things she can do at the age of 5 months.:eek:


Can she tell me whats on TV on Saturday? :smiley:

Saturday… nothing, it’ll all be blured due to the excessive alcohol :slight_smile:

For you Mojo’s tarts yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of us are airsofting on the sunday so need to stay resonably sober on the saturday night so not to die from a hangover on the sunday :stuck_out_tongue:

TV weekly? that should be Plato’s ‘The Republic’! Come on Andy, don’t let turn her into a couch potato :wink:

Cute though, obviously takes after her mum not her dad hehe

how do you mean… watching telly or looks?.
well looks are obviously me so you must mean the telly :wink:

thats a nice shovel there Andy :lol: