On the prowl

For more Dockers!where ever I can!

I’ve got a date with a Folding 8 meg milestone - then I should have a four month lead on kamiles - so in about 2 weeks I can mount another 15 week BOINC campaign . GPUs for SETI and GPUGRID and CPU cores for docking .

I’ve just passed the 10K mark, so current Dockers are going OK at least. Steady as she goes Cap’n. :smiley:

I added a second computer (I only have two desktops) to BOINC Docking. It should start producing soon. I can keep it going until the weather gets warm.

Big Issue for me atm is that we are in holidays… so machines are off… some will come online temp… but that wont last… ill do all I can over these 2 weeks off :slight_smile:

Can hardly wait to see you in here Mortlake!
Tom, you are awesome. I hope for very long cold days. ~smiles~
and WORMSS is dedicating to Docking!
Droid is still on my rear side, still think he may catch me!
What a power house team!

added a couple more. All now dedicated to Docking.:slight_smile:

No freaking way!
How can we ever thank you!

The farm is on… :slight_smile:

Great to hear!
How did you pull that off!
Oh Yes! and the crop is coming up nicely too!

I’m in…

Just added 4 here at work (2 PCs and 2 servers) and will add 1 more (my home PC) when I get home tonight.

Go TPR! :slight_smile: