One for TFW

This rocks … :slight_smile:

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They need a good dollop of araldite on Sunday morning.

The TNT van had reason to be there loading and unloading. Hope they sue.
I reckon the CRV was a write off after that, airbags deployed and the full works.

awww only 3… made me chuckle though, always good first thing in the morning.

Skewered Cars - The legendary pop-up posts in Manchester… This is a regular occurence.

Suprising how many drivers ignore the signs telling them it is No Access -Buses only… the posts are there for a reason to keep cars out!

Have you ever noticed that once people pass the driving test they seem to disregard anything the learn from the Highway Code. :furious:

As for the TNT van, well if he had good reason to go through then he should have obtained permission and they would lower the posts. Can he sue? Doubtful, he was stupid to try and rush through following the van before him. And if you notice all the drivers have tried rushing through following the vehicle that the posts were lowered for. Those posts are under CCTV supervision.

And before you ask… No, I am not a bus driver in Manchester.

Makes me want to buy a Stalwart and just keep driving circles round the town centre as a “tour bus”

used to be part of our sunday morning hangover cure in York. walk past on the way to a BHS fry-up, to see what car was impaled from the night before :wink:

I’ll wager a pint at Mojo’s theres nothing in the highway code about “Beware of stainless steel posts that would stop a suicide bomber dead”

:Plot: Purely hypothetical. I wonder what the breaking strain of those posts are… :smiley: And how fast would a vehicle of, say, around 6 tons, need to be moving to achieve it? To make it easier I’d assume the posts were up for maximum leverage, and that even if they don’t break the ground probably will. Other thought question, what would the lifting weight of the posts be?

If I didn’t have a small trip to complete I’d test that one Mackerel :wink:

THIS might be worth the £700 quid it would cost you to find out.

Fit a decent set of harnesses so you can back up and several go’s at finding its limits!