One LM Unit = 2.23 BOINC cs - Discuss

For inclusion of LM units into the VT stats we need a nominal ratio of LMU to BOINC coblestones based on average CPU time to process. Its going to vary between machines and O/S but 2.23 cs = 1 LMU is the first stick in the ground. Anyone know any different.

Oh no it doesn’t


i cant really help here as the closest bionc has been to my computer is that spaceboy runs it so i have no idea

each lm unit takes about 10-15mins on my xp2000 tho if that helps :shrugs:

So an XP2000, I dunno, say 3 hr Seti Wus @ 30cs each -> 240 cs/day = 96 LMU/day. 1LMU = 2.5cs by that reconing so that confirms we’re in the ball park. Who’s got an XP2000 100% on BOINC.

i know spaceboy does, i will get him to post on this thread tomorow…

As another BOINCophobe I can’t comment directly, but if you can give something a little more concrete in terms of specs and timing then I can help (don’t run anything as lowly as an XP2000 though ;)).

:stuck_out_tongue: i got the best i could over a year ago, money doesnt grow on trees and if it did then it would be valueless:p tho if you want you can allways buy me something new and improved i wouldnt mind or complain at all :stuck_out_tongue:

couple of XP1800’s on Boinc, but doing CPDN which has a slightly diff scoring/validate routine as you know. I think the maths works out about right @2.23.