One off, one on

One school closed, one school open. About 4inches of snow in the garden, drifts of up to a foot.

What a nightmare! Although the Michaels’ school was only open until mid-day today anyway as last day of term.

Daniel however, well he’s well wrapped up and walking to school with Mum. I just hope he doesn’t slip and fall on his wrist :xfinger:

Me, well I’m enjoying watching cars attempt the hill that our house is on, I’m sure the front wheel drive Golf was doing fast enough wheel rotations to be doing about 60, and I could have pushed it quicker.

I’ll be seeing how well Ruby, AT tyres at low pressue and the traction control copes in a little while. I know that the old lady in our street gets home-help shopping today, wondering if that’ll turn up. Remember to check on the oldies people, five minutes to pop in to have a cuppa and make sure they have what they need.


not a single flake in leicester other than the dusting left over from yesterday afternoon.

Just starting to get a few flakes in Bristol, but strangely…no clouds…Hmmmm! :confused:

Got maybe a couple of inches here in Northampton. Luckily all my work is in walking distance today, apart from picking up a parcel I missed the delivery on yesterday. Wide tyres and too much power means drivings out for today.

My sons school closed, daughters collage also closed… everyone made it into work though.

Got a few inches here… no snow though…


it snowed, it settled in the car park, it stopped. bright sunshine now :slight_smile:

Just started here in North Lincs, proper snow … and lots of it, seems to be settling too :slight_smile:

If it keeps up it could be good fun returning home tonight after a 2 to 10 shift :driving:

… cat is going nuts at the window :lol:

Whats snow? smug whistle :wink:

Nothing here today either. A decent frost, but no snow. I think I’m going to hunt for ducksickles in the local park shortly.

wow, considering how close you are to us mackerel, that’s a shame. We had a sprinkling overnight last night, but the real issue is going to be the ice again today. The weather monitoring things have it listed as sleet overnight, which explains the state of the roads this morning.

I had already been at the “toe warming juice” when I looked out the window last night to see a car being abandoned half way up the hill, they were just walking off when it started slipping down the hill… fortunately they missed everything and have now parked it. Having been outside today, I shan’t be risking recoveries today as it’s now snow chains needed.


Temps are still way down. Everything in the shade is still frozen, which includes my car. I guess the moisture runs out before it gets here.

Have now checked local park. The big lake is mostly frozen over, with about half inch of ice at the edge where I tested it. Gonna do a bread aid run after I have my own lunch.

sun is out, ice is melting and cars are still trying and many failing to get up the hill.

Today is a day for sitting in the warm.


Even the swans had frost on them…