One slot left in the autochanger ....


Blues Brothers Soundtrack
The Commitments Soundtrack




blues brothers, waaay better to drive to :thumbsup:


What he said. Its 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas…


:haha: I wonder if I can do that many miles on a full tank :wink:

The good news, you can get all of blues and the best bits of the commitments onto a single cd :woot:



Does your CD changer play mp3s? If so pop them on a CD and orf you go :smiley:


new motor has a 6 disc autochanger - Becky picked up some random cd’s to test it and didn’t get either of the above!


Prodigy - Warrior dance


What was that track we played while passing that HOOOOGE mosque in Touba ?



The erstwhile but recently departed Mr Flint and his merry band performing a foot tapping rendition of “Smack ones Bitch up”

could have been Pump-it (Black eyed peas)


boot is not very tall :frowning: that rear parcel shelf is so deep and holds all sorts of electrical gubbins. Will require an amount of bodgery