Online FINALLY!!!

I’ve had an unstable connection since christmas, connection was lost every few minutes and i had to reset my D-Link. Now two mmonths and 4 techs later they finaly found out what the problem was, the punters had given the same ip to two people.

hehe that would do it for sure! :nod:

so much for “dynamic”…

glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

That would be one heavy crack-smoker of a DHCP server.

Oh forgot to say, i have a static ip

LOL thats worse.

incedentally, im on ntl and have had the same ip for a year or so now. how cool is that. survived loads of modem reboots aswell.

You make that sound like an accident, almost like its not so “Big Brother” can keep tabs on you and your subversive activities . . . . .

Glad your back on the SPAM Endre!

Welcome back Endre :thumbsup:

:lol: Don’t you just love Tech Support!! Give them their due it can be hard sometimes when people start tinkering and wonder what would happen “if I just ticked this box” :smiley:

Welcome back Endre

OMG - I can’t believe that took so long !!!

wb matey :smiley: