Ooh! What I would do for one of these.....

An OCZ PCIe bootable 240gb SSD card.

Absolutely amazing data transfer and seek times and on a PCIe card that’s bootable too!! Bit pricey but looks like the dog’s danglies :slight_smile:

I was doing some chin scratching and thinking the other day.

These SSD’s are popular because of China !

How do I come to that conclusion, well, its all down to the magnets.
The very best magnets used in top end drives are the rare-earth ones I believe and a large percentage of the minerals required to make them are under Chinese control.
So when China decides the price needs to go up because the world is about to embark on mass production of electric vehicles which need rare-earth magnets other areas will suffer.
Magnetic disks are old technology, there is no venture capital to buy up highly priced materials so the disk drive industry has switch to SSD.

Not a moment too soon I say.
If you think they are quick on a pcie card, you should see the benchmarks if you swap a few SAN disks with SSD and run them under performance orientated hardware.

Certain large database vendors can take a break from perfomance tuning database code to make things run faster, quite a long break.

What I did think of though, maybe theres a commercial benefit to buying up pallets of used disks and recycling the magnetic material as they are ditched in favour of SSD.

Magnets may become the new gold !

I think you’re on to something with the magnets there :chin:

Bit off topic -well, quite a lot really :slight_smile: Apparently, if you stick one of those strong rare earth magnets under your car/bike, it affects the induction loops at traffic lights, and turns them green? This may well be a bit naughty…

I’d hate to know what it also does to your car’s onboard computer:ghey:

I was thinking along those lines last summer, only with an electromagnet wired with a momentary switch. I was thinking about it as I tried to get my bike in the right position for the induction to detect it and turn my light green. Hadn’t considered a rare earth magnet though.