Oooh Milhouse sweetie

Can you please please set up a race for us with the following team names/members?

Team name		Members

Magnificent Mojo	Mojo

Hidden Insane Boyos	HiddenInsanity
			Efaill & Preecey

Mighty Mortlake		Mortlake

Team Slackers		Peige

BullyDT			DoubleTop

Gimp Suit Bandits	docpugh

The Undecided		M@tt

Race is to 500, with no cacheing.

Thank you :kisskiss:

and mighty fine timing too - with the me now emptied to assist TFW in the purchase of a new cpu…

making sure bully dumps too…


Better release the tension on the ring tonight then :bigdump:

^BUMP^ (millhouse you seen this yet ?)

any ideas on a start for this?, need to release my load…(no mincer),


I’ve just set it up, so it should kick in with the Sunday 5am update so dump your loads now! Ooeerr! :smiley:

And thanks Hidden for sorting out the details :slight_smile:

no probs :wink:

You’re good enough to set the stat-o-matic up for us :slight_smile:


Thanks Milhouse

Lets Get it AWWWWWWNNNNNNNN. :smiley:

wahooo, slackers away :bondage:

Tonight i will empty in readyness :fart:

Me looks at new water kit thats sat ready for instalation.

Now it’s time to play :wink:

woooooooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Lets get a can of woop a$$ ready :driving: :stomp: