oooooh the relief ....

It’s been a long road, and I’d seen enough of it :tiphat:

Au revoiur mate, I got banned and quit too.

you got banned ? well I guess the GO’s are still active then :lol:

can’t have been bashing, maybe you got caught stealing a DF ? :wink:

I know TFW is still in there plugging (or IPM-ing) away, but honestly know of no others that are still active :sigh:

Nor me. Quit a while back too. Just lost interest really. :frowning:

Bashing inactives lol

Still plugging away at the game. In process of saving for jumpgates for the moons my son’s got.
The war we had is over…i won :wink: … as he lost his fleet again to someone else.
Still trying to get a moon myself, 5 tries and zip :frowning:
If any off you lot find a new game though let us know, the old uni 2 times were great fun.

I’d probably play one that’s not text based, like Eve, but I have no money. The trading bit is good fun to add a bit of escapism and a bit of war in between adds to it. Something like Elite would be nice.

Don’t blame you wolram.

1/2 active but thats your fault :wink:


…opps I mean PMM/Paul. :smiley:

:lol: :tiphat: