Oooooonnnneeee huuuundiiiid annnd Aaaaaaateeeeteeeeeeeeeeee


Been ages since I had a “proper” practise session playing 20’s doubles 301 etc.

Just been playing for about an hour, Michael was scoring for the final bit of the practice run of 301’s.

How :cool: was getting a maximum with your kids scoring and watching !!! :funknana: :funknana: :woot: :banana:

New years resolution going well :smiley: Hours practice each day, keep this up and I’ll be back in the county team in no time :smiley:


I can get the dart into the board… that’s about it :chuckle:

Just wish they go all in the same place :frowning:

Don’t forget to hang it upside-down in preparation for your emigration to Oz :stuck_out_tongue: