OOOooopps :( Two rather upset children

So the kids have the new Asus barebone with skt754 64 sempron as in other threads. Well last night I got round to actually installing a clean OS and saving all the saved games directories for them.

64 bit cpu, I have the action pack as I use all my machines for work and play I’ll put win64 on it as they are less likely to break or mess that one up than win32xp.

Oh dear :cry: so far, out of four games I’ve tried to install, the one they play the most, Lego Star Wars won’t install as the installer doesn’t recognise the operating system :frowning: :mad: :furious:

Another few hours wasted, and once again no de-activate for MS software, so the action pack key I used is now naffed without going through the annoying phone thing.

Just about to break the news to the boys … :cry: :cry:


tut tut tut :frowning:
isn’t there a compatability wizardy thingy on win64 ??

That’s what I was thinking. Can you select to install as 32bit compatible?

compat thingy = no luck, the problem is the installshield is an old one, and therefore has not had the option that is there ticked for win64 installs. Taking apart the msi file now, pretty sure it will run after a bit of “ethical hacking” :wink:


yeh, no 16bit in x64, de / re compile the instaler, or install on 32 then copy over to 64 machine

Well that’s Lego Star Wars working need to extract the codecs that play the in between videos, Lego Soccer Mania next. Although Soccer Mania installed, not playable.

Too much hassle :frowning: what the heck is the point in the 64bit chip and OS if nothing works :mad: :soapbox:


well someone has to iron out the MS bugs to make it worth others buying it :lol: :lol:

yes DT, your our hero!!!.. [also known as beta Tester]

my main dev box is win64, compiling code just “feels” safer, a lot of the win2003 security with regards to “dll hell” is there. I am starting to think HP are right to not support win64 drivers on all of the laptops it makes (mine included). I can imagine the non-savvy calls of but it must be hardware, it worked before …