Open Office Contents Help

Hi guys,

Trying to insert a Table of Contents in Open Office. And it’s not being nice.

In Office 2K3, it’s a simple case of insert table of contents and it makes one based on your styles.

Which is what I want on OOo but I cant seem to find out how. Looked at the help and it’s no help at all.:whiteflag:

I would like a table that has my title at the top and the rest sorted like in the screenshot I have (that document was created in Word) No need for hyperlinks really.

I can do it in Word and change back to OOo but I’d prefer to keep that to a minimum because when I’ve made formulas in Word, OOo chucks Input/Output error for EVERY formula in the document and takes ages to open any notes with plenty of formulas.

As an aside, does anyone notice a difference in formula’s on the linux edition and windows? The Windows one seems to be the same as Word’s but Linux’s is more complex but doesn’t convert into Word and Windows OOo as well.:frowning: