Any opinions on this?

Reviewing various alternatives to Redhat as I’m a little tired of the spam, insecurity, delays in software releases etc.

Is it easy to maintain? What’s it package management capabilities? Does it have a good 1.4 JVM?

Compared to RH it’s simplistic, with text based tools to reconfigure. By which I mean vi. It has a package system that I guess is more like Slackware’s than rpm, many of which are accessible from the OpenBSD site.

It is quite possible to compile your own software for it, but don’t expect the OBSD team to keep packages up to date. If you want prepackaged software FreeBSD may be better.

JVM I can’t comment on - bridges don’t need it, and that’s all I used it for. I don’t believe it has a native JVM, but I’m pretty sure you can use a Linux one under binary compatibility.