opening a page in internet explorer opens firefox

When i try to use IE6 to surf it opens Forefox instead.

I have set IE as the default but it still opens firefox.

Does anyone know how to clear this?

How are you accessing it, though your start menu, via your start menu
and via programs or off your desktop ?

If its via a desktop shortcut you might need to right click and tell it where
to find explorer.

if i open IE and try to got to a web page it then opens FF.doesnt matter where I open IE from it always does this.

read this it might be the same problem you have ?

I would suggest uninstalling FF.
but thats all i can think of :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the right problem but my reg key shows {1A03F196-9617-4CA0-842B-A83CEECB022B}

Do i delete the default key that has this value?

{Edit} Ignore that Ive found it :smiley:

:chin: sure hope that’s fixed it … and not borked it :wink:

… me waits to see if the “online” light glows again :coffee:

Im back on line worked a treat :smiley: