Orange Wind up toys

[Plea]Well being christmas season and all I need to find one of those wind up toys featured on the orange adverts latey. I have spoken to my local shop who said that they ‘should’ be getting some in before christmas but were a little sceptical that they would or not.

So my Plea to UK forum goers, if you see your local Orange store selling these toys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know and i will forever (well maybe for a little while) be in my G/F good books for she has nearly fallen in love with these little toys! [/Plea]

buy her a rampant rabbit, they bring a smile to most womens’ faces!

in the meantime, i’ll look out for one of those other little toys for Grrrdette :slight_smile:

:haha: :haha: :lol: good one :smiley:

Grrrdette thanks you but says your all too rude!

Its taken her HOW long to work that out? :smiley:

she should have known that after all I come here and im as rude as they get most of the time

God dam it, Radio1 was talking about them this morning, they are going to be the next Furbee or somit and i am going to have to wait outside a store all night before they open to get her one.

and wyntrblue, your not rude, your just you

i was reading somewhere that you might be able to buy them from the orange stores i think it said mid december they were comming out but i cant for the life of me remember where i read it now why dont you try phoning your local orange store they might be able to tell you more.

I think grrd already has. I assume thats what he meant by his local shop.

yea i went in, and got laughed at by the store workers, but then they actually did admit that a fair few people had been asking for them…they also said it should be mid December…anyways i will be posting a happy Grrrdette picture if i get her one, or a black eye on Grrrd if i dont now that i have said i will:whiteflag:

going to go see if i can scrub off this thumb print i have on my forehead.

have you tryed actualy calling orange? they do seem to sell alot of stuff over the phone (not supprising as they sell phones) see if they can send you one?

DOne and havn’t got anywhere matey…but i think i will give it another bash

Just to let anyone, who might be slightly interested. the orange stores will be selling these toys on wednesday, each store has 100 to sell, all proceeds are going to charity and so they are only asking for a donation to the charity (of which i dont know) so looks like i will be going straight there instead of work on wednesday :stuck_out_tongue:

i think you should be in a sleeping bag outside the shop right now :stuck_out_tongue:

well i have got what i needed now, but problem is that it cannot be a xmooose prezzie now because Grrrdette was with me when i went to get them :frowning: for i had to look after her, and so went to the orange shop together and got the last 2 wind up toys for they have already all sold out :open_mouth: they are very cool, but nowhere near as cool as the one on the tele for they are about a 4th of the size. tho they had loads of the mobile phone charm things, so we got a handful of those.

i am impressed with Orange tho, for all proceeds are going toward mentaly handicaped children but orange are not taking out the production cost, they are paying for that. so i big thumbs up to Orange!

Thank god ScottishBird it didn’t come to that, i was actualy thinking about being out side the store before they opened also :stuck_out_tongue: