Our seti user profiles.

When I first joined Seti I filled out my user profile to share with my fellow Seti volunteers. I didn,t know that it would be posted all over the internet. If you type your name in a search engine, google, yahoo, or whatever the profile is listed for the world to see. I tried it and it worked for lots of members and even lists your e-mail address. I wish Seti was not so open with this information.
Am I the only one to be a little upset about this? :confused:

You all check it with a search of your names and I bet your there too. Maybe I am the only one who wasn’t aware of this :mad:

Thanks and have a great day Team

Thank goodness I used a psudoname (believe it or not, my parents didn’t name me Egad :smiley: ).

It would be worth reading the SETI user agreement to see if it mentioned public holding of your info.