Outlook 2003 problem

On one of the machines here at work, when the user gets an email that contains a weblink, if you click on the link, it opens up the install wizard for Adaware 6.

I have removed adaware and removed the offending file it always starts. Now, when clicking on a weblink, it asks you to locate the file.

I haven’t been able to find the setting to get this back to where it opens up the browser and takes you to the weblink.

Had a look around on Microsofts knowledge base, but haven’t had any luck.

Anyone got the solution to this???

I’d take a stab in the not quite so light as used to be and pull out file associations.


try the repair function…

Explorer > Folder Options > File Types > IE URL or Firefox URL
Check the URL values, you may need to also look under the advanced area.