Overdone it on the body armour methinks

Most Landys used off the black paved bit carry front protection for the lights and radiator. Take it too far and you get the ramraid/Mad Max look which IMHO looks silly. As ably demonstrated by one of my mud club colleagues…

Does look a bit much. Not so much a bull bar as a bull-elephant bar :chuckle:

Well I guess if it went of the side of a cliff you’ve got pretty good odds on the front landing first

Looks like he’s run into an over-sized farm gate and it’s stuck to the front :cuckoo:

Do his brakes work ? that might be a reason for the overkill :lol:

Mad Max look

It may be a V8, but thats no Falcon mate!

Looking at the winch, i’d say he was going to recover the titanic :eek:

Looks like a biggish Warn so 8-9000Lbs - same as mine :slight_smile:

Well they say size isn’t everything … but it sure helps when you’re on the pull :lol:

And I’ve pulled a few that were 8-9000lbs too - Joshua Tetley has a lot to answer for :wink:

so then… winch, llyods/tsb (robbing gits :furious: ) cashpoint… :devil: