Parted Magic

I upgraded my PVR from 500GB to a 2 TB hard drive - normally replacing a hard drive in a PVR results in the drive being formatted by the resident flashed software, but unfortunately mine can only cope up to 1 TB meaning I had to create the partitions manually, copying and expanding the existing structure with the help of a spare PC also enabling me to copy the Wife’s precious recordings from drive to drive, Google revealed an impressive little programme called Parted Magic.
Basically its a Linux live CD that can run in memory (CD is ejected after load) and has a handy GUI - very similar to Partition Magic - that easily creates - resizes - deletes etc. partitions in most formats using Gparted and parted. also an explorer type window that lets you copy and paste data between hard drives or clonezilla if you prefer, also included is a drive testing facility with various tests with smart interrogation and recording.
It also includes other live CD options such as internet access - Firefox is included - but best of all its free.

Good information to have! I usually use Knoppix, but the latest version has been harder to work with than the earlier ones. I’ll give Parted Magic a look over. I consider things like this to be handy tools to keep around.

You’re correct. Parted Magic is an excellent ISO to get.

I used to download it from BetaNews on ELReg - The Register. (dot yada yada) But they seem to have scrapped that now :frowning:

The only problem I’ve found is that it’s updated frequently. That’s a prob?. Yus. Because they they don’t have a facility to update
the ISO. They just issue a new beta ISO witth new tools. If you don’t mind downloading and burning a new iso with the new tools.

It’s cool :slight_smile: