partner19.mydomainadvisor trojan(?)

This has somehow got into my system between removing Norton and installing McAfee. Everything available online about it seems a little dubious, like the advisor sites are also fake. Anyone know exactly what it is and how to get rid of it?

Found a forum that seems to have resolved the problem and it does not appear to be dubious

Sounds like someone has managed to remove it using Malwarebytes from a quick read, but there is a lot more you can try. It seems that what you have may have been inadvertently installed with another piece of software. The Ask toolbar is a favourite one that appears a lot. Worth trying that. Also have you checked in the control panel in Add/Remove programs to see if something has been installed in there. If it has then just uninstall it. If it keeps coming back, then turn off System Restore and do it again, reboot and check.

If it’s redirecting your browser, check and clear your browser cache and check for anything in the settings that might be affecting it. In Firefox, look under Tools-Options-Applications and if it’s there, block it.

Other than that, I don’t like or trust McAfee to do a proper job. My weapon of choice is AVG, but others have their own favourites. AVG just works for me and I back it up with Malwarebytes just to check AVG is doing its job, so far with no issues.