password protect windows F8 boot menu

hi peoples.

i just got asked about restricting accsess to safe mode. as in is it possible to password protect the f8 boot menu so that users will be unable to get into safe mode at all, but in such a way to allow us admin types to get into it if needed?

any thoughts?

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Re: XP SP 2 Safe mode, stopping a Limited user deleting Process Guard files.
I think is nothing you can do once they are in safe mode, as all PG’s protections aren’t loaded. However, you can try to stop them getting there in the first place .

  1. Logged in as an admin, goto user accounts (in control panel)
  2. Select “Change the way users log on or off”
  3. Enable “Use the Welcome screen” and apply

This can only be changed from an admin account and should restrict the accounts available to use safemode to admin accounts. BUT it also shows all users allowed to log in (ie, you don’t have to ‘remember’ spelling of username) so ‘hidden’ local accounts are more difficult / not possible to create.

I don’t know how reliable this method is, but i use it all the time (i prefer the look of the welcome screen), and whenever i boot into safemode, my limited accounts are not displayed.

Remember to search for posts regarding running PG from a limited account
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yea allready got the machines set up that way, but the boss wants me to try n restrict the actualy f8 menu…

im not sure it can be done

Your wanting to disable the F8 or just restrict the option in the bootmenu ?

Both can be done… I can’t remember though but shall go looksie

might have an option under msconfig ?

uncertain if this still applies to Xp know to work with win2k

look here… then scroll down to a setting called bootkeys…

other option is a little more drastic :wink: editting the ntldr

You can protect windows boot options (including F8) with a password using of applications such as “NoSafeMode” – just google it. That way only by entering the right password you’ll get to use safe mode and other boot options.

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