Password protected SD card

Anyone know how to get rid of a password on an SD card? It used to be in my Nokia 9300. I password protected the SD card for security purposes now I can’t remember the password:(

Any help would be appreciated.

i have the same problem but with the 6230 and it is really fustrating, there is software out there that lets u recover them but u need a card reader that can read phone password enabled sd cards and u dont come by them so often. but im still trying. if anyone has a solution, tell us please anything is welcome!

Maybe a big magnet over it to wipe everything (tho i dont recomend it, just a thaught)

I don’t think that will work with solid state storage devices :wink:


I could swear that the last one that I got had a warning about keeping it away from strong magnetic fields. Or, maybe that was a USB memory stick. Can’t find the documentation anymore though.