Passwords available to view in Chrome and Firefox browsers

Just saw this blog about browser password saving in initially Chrome, but also mentions Firefox as well.

If you forgot to turn off the save passwords option, it is possible for anyone to view the actual password saved by the browser without going through any security checks.

In Firefox go to Tools-Options, then select the Security tab, click on the Saved Passwords button, then in the next screen, Show Passwords and then after a brief message the browser happily shows you all the passwords for all the sites visited without so much as a by or leave!! Chrome is similar in that you go through Settings, advanced settings, passwords and any that have been saved will appear.

I thought I’d turned this off in Firefox, but for 3 sites it must have been on and even after turning the option to save passwords off, it still retained the ones saved. These can also be imported into other browsers as well. So beware this option, turn the function off and remove all the saved passwords just for piece of mind.

I use a master password in Firefox. Sites with passwords saved do not appear without entering the master password. The site passwords do not come up without entering the master password a second time.