path to projects in linux

Does anyone know where the path to the projects is stored for a BOINC install on linux? I upgraded my HTPC from OpenSUSE 11.x to 12.3. In doing so, BOINC no longer finds my existing projects folders. In Windows I can set the path on install, but in Linux I’m not sure where it’s stored. When I did the upgrade I kept my home directory, but let the install format the system area (root, etc.). When I launch the BOINC client from the directory it is stored in (on my home directory), it’s not finding the projects already installed. I’d like to edit the path and place things where I want them to be, but I can’t for the life of me find where that information is stored. Any clues? BTW, I did not install BOINC via YAST, but downloaded the install from Berkely and ran the script to install it into a folder titled “BOINC”.

Sorry Egad, I installed it through the Ubuntu Software update utility when I last ran it under Linux :frowning:

try /var/lib/boinc-client or in a ~/BOINC dir right next to where the binary is.

Got it sorted out. The default projects path if there is no cc_config.xml file (which there never was) is the same directory as BOINC is installed in. So I moved my projects files to that directory and it found them with no trouble. What’s mildly confusing is that it’s not a new install of BOINC, it was the same I had before upgrading the OS, yet on the previous OS it insisted on putting my projects in a documents folder which exists adjacent to the BONIC folder, not as a sub level. From what I’ve found, BOINC should never have chosen that documents folder to begin with. Apparently I’ve simply been living with it that way until the upgrade.

Appreciate the help guys. The clues you gave me helped resolve the issue. Back up and crunching! :thumbsup: