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Ive just heard from Jimbos wife (Jim - ex leader of Pax?) Since he was so active until about a year ago, I figured you might like to know, it looks like he has liver cancer. They are waiting to get the results on whether the nodules found are benign or malignant.

oh bugger, not the best of news :frowning: hope everything turns out OK for him

thanks for the info Walter, and please pass our best wishes on next time you have contact mate :slight_smile:

Oh no :frowning: I’ll be keeping them in my thoughts and hoping that everything goes well and that it’s not cancer :frowning:

crap :frowning: pass on best regards


Thats not good - best of luck to him!

Fingers crossed it turns out ok.

:xfinger: Thought I hadn’t seen him on site for a while.

Just got this…

Jim died this morning at 12:30 a.m. He asked, that, instead of an obituary, I write a tribute to his love of reading. It’s on my blog at Thank you for all of your notes and kindness.


A wonderful guy.

thanks for the notice Walter, I’ve just read through and now have a desire to go read a book, and remember the enthusiasm of a man that must have followed in all things he did. It raised a smile, reading back over some of his posts on here, then a tear crept in after reading the blog.


//edit, for those looking

Sad news :frowning: My thoughts are with all his family :frowning:

Thanks for the notice Walter. A sad day indeed and a great loss. :frowning:

oh crap :frowning:

in fact bollox shit shit bollox and more bollox :frowning:

keep a seat spare in that big ‘upstairs’ library Jim, we’ll read a few books together when we meet again :sigh:

< me raises a glass to the memory of a decent bloke >

Ahhh Crap, makes my bad day seem like absolutley nothing of consequence.

Was a pleasure to know you for the short time I did Jim.

Dont have any ripple red in the house but a glass of red in your honour sounds like a fine idea.

Cheers to ya Jimbo!

Here’s to you Jim. And you now finally know the truth behind what happened to Kennedy :slight_smile:

Thats sad news indeed :frowning:

All the best to Jim’s family.

Another update from Lesa

very sad news, had the pleasure of many conversations on here with Jimbo.
All the best to his family and friends

Not a good thing to hear :frowning:

I normally do not respond to these kinds of posts as the death/illness malarkey is not a thing I kind of I like to dwell on.

Not talk to Jimbo in a long while but he was the kind of chap to be looked up too and admired.

Big shame and equally best wishes to his family and many friends.

this one is for you Jim :wink:

This started as a joke between myself and Jim, being an old hippy himself. :slight_smile:

Crikey. Sorry to hear that.