Pay Pal Shops

:wave: Hi all:wave: , just a quick question :cool: ,

My pay pal account is soon to get some cash in it for the first time in a LONG time, just wondering (apart from the classic Fleebay) if anyone knows of any ‘good’ online computing parts shops that will accept paypal as a accepted means of payment:confused:

site is down for maintenance at the moment, but used them a few times to clear out paypal monies :slight_smile:


Also currently offline for maintenance - a trend developing perhaps? :wink:

novatech have an ebay shop

Cheers guys, and wyntrbule i never knew that!

do you have a link for that ? as I cant find it :frowning:

shame they dont just accept paypal on there store really :frowning:

thanks mulda :smiley:

yea,. they dont really have much on ebay do they :frowning:

Grrr, both sites are STILL down :frowning:

North Devon Computers have changed domain and site it would seem, I got an email from them a few minutes ago.


Placed an order last night and found out SVP now take PayPal :slight_smile: