Personal milestones

Currently going for 3 milestones in folding

1: top 10,000 users in project, currently in 12,315 place
2: 1000 wu, currently @ 872
3: 100k points currently @ 82,085 points

wonder which I will hit first?


My guess is (unless we start to see another batch of large-pointers) that you will hit No.2 first.

My personal Folding milestone is 500k.

my target is 50k before the end of august… but I doubt ill hit it…

ah well :slight_smile:

anyone up for a little drag ?

25k… today!

50k by august with any luck.

Currently to stomp Bullseye :wink:

Dead simple for me - 1million :slight_smile:


:eek: i’ve become a target :lol:
71 days according to here hopefully the ex’ll be on the net by then, and i’ll go on a bit of a recruitment spree to hold you off :stuck_out_tongue:

new target, not to get stomped by drezha! :wink: hoping to get back into the top 20 producers a day, then 25k


To overtake drezha and stay ahead of him :smiley: