Flashed the BIOS on my Shuttle last night/this morning in order to let it run a dual-core processor (I wonder why that might be? :devil: )

Flashed from Windows (I do not have a floppy drive attached to the machine) and it seemed OK. Re-booted. Nothing. Nada. :frowning:

Tried resetting BIOS using jumpers this morning and it seemed to work. Perhaps I was just over-tired last night - but had a few sleepless hours worrying about it.

Now all I have to do is pick up a cheap X2 core CPU :slight_smile:

lucky there… but as I also have no floppy I just made a bootable dos cd on a cd-rw disk and copied the bios/flash proggy on to it, works a treat. take a look HERE for instructions.


I had a Xeon board like that (Asus PCH-DL) - regardless of how the BIOS was flashed, it always needed CMOS clearing afterwards for it to POST :shrug: