Photo thread

Post up your photos here, they don’t have to be great they just have to have a reason you pressed the button and kept the photo.

To start the thread off, spot the odd thing out

Spotted another one, nice landscape shot of the seaside, not as sunny as I remember though

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Man Shed, now to fill with cars or make a LAN location :smiley:

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Suspicious character…

Hmm the odd thing must be the staple! Though a strange place to store your nuts.

Just some of our friends that came to visit.

In those days I was apparently taller than a Chevy.

I’m guessing the middle one, its a clear shot with its head down.

Must of shrunk in the wash.

Q: If you have 68 Neosomethingorother Magnets, what can you make ?

A: Mini Fidget Cube

Q: If you find 738 more of these, what can you make ?

A: Something to keep away from your laptop

so TFW is some relation to Thor?

He’s Thors Mum. Thought everyone knew that ?


Found this while poking around on my Flickr, close up shot of a plastic thing sitting where it shouldnt be, on top of piston number four.