Photography forum

Now I know we have the digi-darkroom as a kind of “wing of TPR” :Poke: Dezy :chuckle: but I would like somewhere to post pictures and or get advice from those who are users of digital or traditional photography on here.

So I would like as a member of TPR to request a forum for Photography discussion and a sub forum for galleries (nil post count maybe ?).

How many digital camera users do we have here - I’m not talking a full on technical forum because that in my opinion would be stepping on toes, but recently we’ve had a few really nice shots posted in the cantina. I am making an effort to get out the house by using the camera as a kind of reason for walks, and photos are nothing without an audience and comments, and I would like to share and see others efforts as well.

Your thoughts please :smiley:


Sounds like a plan to me.

Think I should get out more too :smiley:

Sounds like a good idea to me, was just think of buying a new digi cam and would like to show off my warez :smiley:

I like the idea of a photography forum :slight_smile:
and how about the idea to limit the pics of 640x480 and 100kb or is that to much for our forum?

in the admin panel the attachment option for a “gallery” forum could be turned off. For those without webspace, I’m sure I could find some down the back of the sofa :lol: Good point though Neal :thumbsup:

Personally, I quite like as other can buy the prints you upload as well. There is an affiliate scheme that could benefit the forums as well :smiley:


yup sounds like a good idea, just keep them to thumbnails on the forums, then link to the larger image through the thumbnail :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan, I’m sure my buddies will agree :wink:

Dont forget Photobucket

Yeah, I like the idea of that :smiley:

yeah gets me the chance to use my new cam :wink:

Can we also have a section titled “good pictures and videos taken with a mobile phone” ?

On second thoughts might as well make that a closed forum, nobody would post in there.

. . . . . Guess who upgraded to a camera phone thinking it wouldn’t be complete poop . . . ?

Good idea… can post loads of pics of baby when s/he arrives rofl

The rate you lot are going, we are going to need a baby/parenting forum!!!

Anyhoo, I’d love a photography forum although it wouldn’t stop me posting on DD either, and I hope it wouldn’t take anyone else away from there.

I was bought a very nice digicam (not SLR) by my parents for my birthday and have been trying to take it everywhere with me :slight_smile:

Say, go for it. Though would suggest only thumbs linked to the image hosted at the users webspace instead of here.

I’d say as long as there was a size limit imposed then it would be fine to put the image in the thread, as there are people who maybe don’t know how to do a thumbnail with a link to bigger picture and tbh you can’t really see much of a pic from a thumbnail.

If the picture is one where it really needs to be viewed full size, then you could put a link to the full size in with the post so that people can choose to see then.

I’m sure a suitable sticky can be created, with useful tips and links
to all those essential freeware apps to help do the business.

End of day I don’t see it being a digi-darkroom type thing as there very
specialised and have there own unique space {Some very good advice given from
people who honestly know what there talking about}.

But as a general area for us core TPR’ers to show off a few snaps and a general
chit chat I think it would be quite interesting.

Worth trying it for a bit to see how it goes, nothing say’s we need to keep it
if it does not take off.

Sound thoughts as ever Paul.

yup sounds cool :slight_smile:

from the feedback so far - seems we need a name and place then :smiley:


Continuing the forum theme, Jabba the Hut had a propensity to collect the obscure and grotesque :smiley: for his pleasure so - Jabba’s Gallery - in Tatooine