Photoshop image with 15000 layers!

Sorry about the size but at least I didn’t post the original - that one is 1.7gb :eek:

Click here for the full info

11 months work and 250,000 paths :eek:

That’s incredible! I think the most layers I’ve ever worked with is about 7 :eek:

Very impressive. Wish I could draw in photoshop, although I have to ask, why not just take a series of photos and montage them or render a 3D model.

Why grow vegetables in your garden when you can buy them in the store?

Great find Shanks! :thumbsup:

2 layers and a copy and paste into new is about as complex as I get in photoshop :chuckle:

Nice pick though, amazing what you can do with an old pier / one railway
some old buildings and a sky scraper :nod:

Thats not a photograph?

that really is an amzing bit of work, good find :slight_smile: